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Performance and Sales Factors

ICG defines key factor sets unique to both the selling and buying regions, the combination of which will define a “relationship set” between seller and buyer. We then rank the perceived value or importance of each factor through the cultural lens of each party. This relationship set will show overlaps as well as voids between the factor set of each party.

The relationship set immediately points to cultural gaps or blind spots, failures to match need with function based upon combinations of cultural differences, and technological or service immaturities that may slow the penetration of the seller’s product in to the buyer’s region.

This example contrasts the very different needs of two “Chinese” markets, Taiwan and the PRC, against the US domestic market in the mid 1990s.

Following are the Performance Sales Factors comparison spider graphs for US, China, and Taiwan:

Click on the links below to view comparison spider graphs for US, China, and Taiwan:

  • Technology Manufacturing Factors
  • Business Success Factors

    US Performance Sales Factors

    China Performance Sales Factors

    Taiwan Performance Sales Factors

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