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Success stories

We tracked the Brazilian and Argentine meltdowns long before it became public. A client successfully shielded $60 million in balance sheet value from currency devaluation -- before the market priced hedges out of reach.

A client with nervous managers wanted to dump a West African gas lease for under $300 million. We showed them how the risk was actually low and why they should hold out. They sold the asset for $993 million a year later.

We were asked to perform a post-event investigation of the two governmental property bombings -- inquiry independent of normal institutional review. During our separate scrutiny we noted over 400 hostile surveillance incidents that had prompted no change in the embassies' security posture prior to attack. These incidents had been overlooked in the “normal”, post-event study. Our vulnerability assessments focus on qualitative, actionable results rather than quantitative, “make you smarter but unable to act” generic safety reviews with no defined threat.

All source intelligence precision:

  • Supply chain analysis
  • Early risk warning
  • Investment risk
  • Counterparty risk
  • Reputation risk
  • Major litigation support
Information arbitrage:
  • Event risk
  • Strategic risk
  • Exit risk
  • Market risk
  • Balance sheet hedging
Information protection:
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Product counterfeiting response
Emergency response:
  • Threat assessments
  • Personal security training
  • Countersurveillance
  • Executive protection

ICG helps you maintain continuity of operations and deal with major uncertainty at the same time:

  • Our supply chain analysis and business intelligence flag real risks and target weaknesses that can fold your global operations.
  • We provide truly secure IT for your data, solutions integration, and risk assessment.
  • We monitor threats to you, we tell you what is really worth worrying about, and we provide your people with basic skills to stay ahead of the risk.
  • We deliver low profile in-country support and respond to your needs, at HQ and at the project -- no matter where you are.
We provide early warning that gives the client time to develop and evaluate cost effective market-based risk management options. We provide intelligence, information security, and physical security that help clients ensure primacy and continuity in their business operations throughout a crisis

We help remove you from your adversary’s target list:

Whether the threat is intellectual property theft, an antipersonnel strike, or a supply chain breach, we develop a method to operate within the threat -- employing rapid decision-making and maneuvering faster than the threat -- thereby removing the risk.

Expensive security is no guarantee of effectiveness. We help you respond proportionally to displace the risk and minimize distraction from your operations. We help make you less of a target by training, monitoring, assessment and planning, backed by interdiction when it is required. We intercept perpetrators while they are in surveillance mode -- before penetration or attack. You continue to build a reputation for reliability with your customers; you stay ahead by being alert and responsive.

Preparation and anticipation are king. Commercial firms are by nature soft and predictable targets in terms of their people and infrastructure. Governments can defend whereas the best that commercial firms can do is defer or deflect. We help you defer or deflect that risk.

ICG is expert at today’s highest priority tasks:

Intellectual property (IP) theft, (notably China): We analyze your infrastructure, its processes, partners, contractors, suppliers, and nascent competitors, even in “data poor” low cost and high risk areas to stop IP theft.

Risk pricing: We provide very early, gray-area event risk, strategic market risk, and supply chain evaluation -- when hedges are inexpensive and changes do not mean interruptions.

Active Sarbanes-Oxley compliance support: We eliminate your threat of fiduciary breach by extending a passive audit to include active risk remediation that flags omissions and recommends disciplined, monitoring protocols. We provide direct input to audit committees on investment risk.

Forensic support: We provide post-incident investigation, counterparty risk assessment.

Infrastructure defense: We design integrated, performance-based security programs for your business to secure your operating facilities and protect your supply chain.

Counterthreat: Depending upon need, we design, train, and execute personal protection programs. We will deploy to assist in managing crises, including extraction in extremis.

Tailored solutions: We unobtrusively enhance an operator’s profitability, continuity, and safety, so that you, “Make deadlines, not headlines.”