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Success story

ICG maintains an exceptional Transportation Practice serving the automotive industry and non-OEM companies that assemble products for the automotive sector.

Our clients include car and truck vehicle systems; mechanical and electrical modules and components; plant assembly optimization; and dealer retailing. Client projects succeed through ICG’s skill in supply chain system design, value engineering, and buyer-supplier consultation. Results have included effective supply chain transformation, vehicle and platform benchmarking, warranty reduction, and systems value engineering.


ICG is a “line consultant” capable of implementing the conclusions resulting from our analysis. We listen to our client’s description of need and propose a series of solutions according to the client’s sensitivity to cost, resources, and timing. In asking our customers to describe us by stating what was meaningful to them during our consultation, most answered, “Process Transformation”. To achieve this transformation we employ multiple tools:

  • Organizational/functional analysis
  • Process design
  • System design
  • System implementation
One customer remarked, “All this is available on an unbundled or turnkey basis.”

It is extremely rare to find a consultancy team that carries a project from inception and needs assessment through to documentation and training. However our clients have found that our comprehensive services pay enormous dividends with solid applications that meet their business needs.

Whenever systems are required, ICG partners with Edict Incorporated to produce and install the finished product. ICG acts as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) to insure that the functional definitions and user interface issues are properly defined. The result is customer satisfaction.

ICG guides our domestic and international clients through any or all stages of a successful Process Transformation according to the client’s needs:

  • Consulting with the client to derive strategic and tactical requirements
  • Redesigning process based upon the client requirements
  • Designing systems for a client-server or Web-based application to implement the process recommendations
  • Building the system or project manage an internal team to execute the system
  • Creating and managing the system test program
  • Providing all end-user and “train the trainer” materials
  • Monitoring the system rollout to the user community
We have operated in new and maturing markets in Europe, the Middle and Near East, West Africa and the Maghreb, the Americas, and the Pacific Rim -- notably Japan, the PRC, Taiwan, Korea and India.