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Intellectual Capital Group (ICG) is a management consulting and technology services firm. We help our clients tackle their most challenging management and infrastructure issues. In everything we do, we seek to have significant impact on our clients’ successful performance.

A consistent thread throughout our engagements has been the mastery of complex systems involving people, parts, processes and information.

Long before it was common practice, we began tracking knowledge capture and dissemination within organizations. One of the earliest definitions of Intellectual Capital - in 1993 before the term became popular - was the conversion of knowledge into money. Realizing that was the best description of our approach on our clients’ behalf we renamed the firm adopting the term, “Intellectual Capital”.

ICG understands that our clients are currently selling to only two billion of the world's population of six billion, and that those two billion are principally concentrated in North America, Western Europe, and Asia’s east coast. If our clients are to continue to grow in the following decades, we must assist them in reinforcing their home markets while finding ways of creating consumers, identifying business partners, and developing employees among the currently underserved four billion.

As you explore our site, we hope that you gain a sense of who we are and what we do.